TeamRunner connects your business to sports teams and organizations traveling to your area. You’ll know who is coming, when they are arriving and how long they will stay. With TeamRunner you now have the opportunity to create exclusive offers customized for both the athlete and their attending families and market it all directly to your target audience. And the best part is there are no commitments and no monthly fees. With TeamRunner’s simple commission structure you only pay when you make money—it’s a win-win.


Below are some examples of the types of service providers that traveling teams appreciate.


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  • Bowling Alleys
  • Movie Theaters
  • Parks
  • Shows and Professional Sporting Events
  • Spas

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  • Sports and Athletic Stores
  • Unique Sports Products
  • Sports Performance Training Tools

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  • Hospitals
  • Sports Medicine Facilities
  • Physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage Therapists

Join Our Service Provider Team

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Once you join TeamRunner you’ll have access to unique sports products, events, seminars and more… What are you waiting for?


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