TeamRunner is the first truly integrated web-based solution that connects athletes, teams, sports organizations and businesses to make sports travel easier, and more streamlined for everybody.

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Our Story

We used to be just like you. We also spent countless hours organizing and managing team travel. It was stressful, disorganized and cumbersome. It had to change. So we assembled a group of coaches, parents, athletes, business owners and technology geeks and set out to create something better.

A simple, elegant solution that allowed for a one-stop-shop where we could:

  1. Manage all of our sports travel needs.
  2. Easily book with hotels, restaurants and businesses.
  3. Spend less time managing the process and more time enjoying the benefits.
  4. Allow our communities/local businesses and our sports organizations to mutually benefit from the process.
  5. Provide opportunities for kids who want to play sports that may not have the means to do so.

From that initial idea TeamRunner was born.

Better In Every Way.

TeamRunner not only benefits your travel process and your bottom line, it also directly benefits your sports community and its athletes. TeamRunner provides up to five percent of its net revenue to local sports organizations creating scholarships that support athletes who otherwise might not have the means to participate in youth sports. It’s a win/win.

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Become A TeamRunner Today

Once you’re registered we’ll create your very own personal dashboard allowing you to organize and manage all of your sports event and travel related needs in a single, simple location.